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Exam Schedule for Model Examination September - 2017 
Date & Time Branch Semester Subject
25.9.2017 Monday 9.20am to 12.30pm DME   V   Design of Machine elements
DPCE Heat Transfer
DECE Advanced communication System
25.9.2017 Monday 1.20pm to 4.30pm DME   III   Strength of Materials
DPCE Petroleum Refining
DECE Electronic devices and circuits
26.9.2017 Tuesday 9.20am to 12.30pm DME   V   Thermal & Automobile Engineering
DPCE Chemical Process & Calculation
DECE Micro-controller
26.9.2017 Tuesday 1.20pm to 4.30pm DME   III   Manufacturing Processes
DPCE Mechanical Engineering
DECE Electric circuits and Instrumentation
27.09.2017 Wednesday 9.20am to 12.30pm DME   V   Process Planning &Cost Estimation
DPCE Process Instrumentation and Control
DECE Very Large Scale Integration
27.09.2017 Wednesday 1.20pm to 4.30pm DME III Machine Drawing
DPCE Electrical and Electronics Engineering
DECE C Programming
28.9.2017 Thursday 9.20am to 12.30pm DME   V   Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Conservation
DPCE Petrochemical Technology
DECE Digital Communication

Date & Time Subject
12.10.2017 Thursday 9.20am to 12.30pm Engineering Physics I
13.10.2017 Friday 9.20am to 12.30pm Engineering Chemistry I
14.10.2017 Saturday 9.20am to 12.30pm Engineering Mathematics I
16.10.2017 Monday 9.20am to 12.30pm Communication English I
17.10.2017 Tuesday 9.20am to 12.30pm Engineering Graphics I

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