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            Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (erstwhile MRL) one of the major corporations, having a dominant presence in South India formed the CPCL Education Trust in April 1988 with a view to upgrade the technical knowledge of the serving personnel in the Petroleum and Petro-Chemical Industries and create a Centre for Technical Excellence in the field of Petro-Chemical, Mechanical Engineering & Electronics & Communication Engineering. 

            Our courses have special recognition from the Economic Development Board, Singapore & M/s.Chevron Corporation, U.S.A. has recruited our students for their Singapore Plant.

             The Managing Director, CPCL is the chairperson of the  CPCL Educational Trust.

 Managing Trustee
   Mr. S. N. Pandey, Managing Director, CPCL  
Board of Trustees
  1. Mr. Rajeev Ailawadi, Director (Finance), CPCL & Trustee
  2. Mr. M. Sankaranarayanan Chief General Manager (HR), CPCL & Secretary and Trustee
  3. Mr. Anish P. Dwarkadas, General Manager, IAL & Trustee
  4. Mr. P. Shankar, Company Secretary, CPCL & Trustee

    Mr. K. Ramesh, General Manager (Admin & Legal), CPCL


    Mrs. Vidya Rajan, Senior Manager (Finance), CPCL

Educational Trust

    Mrs. S. Malathi Vijayalaxmi, Deputy General Manager (Admin), CPCL
    Mr.   N. Kabirdasan, Manager (Admin), CPCL

            The Trustees have periodic meetings to review the educational activities of the institute to keep the performance, Quality and standard of the institute always in flying colours. The administrative and professional competence of these members constitutes a valuable source of strength for the accomplishment of the Institution's goals.

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