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     The diploma course in Electronics & Communications Engineering focuses on communication technologies of the future. The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is equipped with excellent facilities.


* To propagate and disseminate knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering discipline to the society through the student and faculty.
* To encourage students to serve social causes by Application of their specialized knowledge paving way to Better life for Humanity.
* To promote the concept of lifelong learning among faculty members.
* To train the students to become well disciplined and knowledgeable in the field of Electronics and Communication.
About the department

     The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (DECE) was established in the academic year 2007-2008 with the vision of developing the department as a Centre of Excellence in technical education, in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and make the students blossom into meritorious and self-disciplined engineers by hard work.

     Our mission is to develop innovative and simple instructional material to drive the concepts into the minds of students and infuse scientific temper in the students and guide them towards technical education in communication engineering. It is also to grow a committed group of competent teachers striving for excellence to provide best learning experience in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.


     The current syllabus for Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering is M-Scheme published by Directorate of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu. To see the detailed syllabus log on to

Project Work

Some of the areas identified for project work:
# VLSI Design
# Embedded Systems
# Robotics
# Optical Communication
# Digital Signal Processing
# Bio-Medical Engineering
# Image Processing
# Wireless Applications
# Cellular Technology
# Microwave Communication

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